Project List

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on, Most of which can be seen in our Projects page along with photos and descriptions.


Church of the Epiphany

Trumansburg, NY

Complete restoration of this beautiful painted window was completed in the Fall of 2013.


Pulaski Congregational Church

Pulaski, NY

Restoration of Franz Mayer (Munich) painted window of Madonna and Baby Jesus, circa; 1885 – 4 ft. x 13 ft. Replaced several intricately painted pieces.


Asbury United Methodist Church

Watertown, NY

Restored the Chapel ‘trypict’ window. Early opalescent plated 142 sq. ft eight panels. Restored all the lovely quarter-sawn, steam bent, Chestnut moldings; several of which needed replacement – recreating, and all were brittle and were soaked in linseed oil to renew.. Project reinstalled 12-2012.


Verona Presbyterian Church

Verona, NY

Restoring the 1860 European Grisaille windows in this lovely time capsule church. First one reinstalled October 2012.


Riverside Cemetery – Pace Chapel

Oswego, NY

Recently started the restoration of two windows as well as re-pointing & replacing 36 original coverings and some historic stone work in this lovely Tiffany Studios chapel.


Theresa First Presbyterian

Theresa, NY

Completed the first Sanctuary window – a 1920 plated opalescent version of ‘The Good Samaritan’. Project started Feb. 2012 reinstalled May 24, 2012.


United Church of Madrid

Madrid, NY

Just completed the huge Rose Window signed by Harry Horwood of Ogdensburg, NY, circa; 1917. This window consists of 34 leaded glass panels in an elaborate woodwork Cathedral Rose Sash with 5 large lower lancets and 29 panels in upper Tracery – 140 sq. ft. total. Project started October 2011 and completed May 30, 2012.


First Presbyterian Church

Gouverneur, NY

Restored the first of many jeweled, ornate Victorian windows, circa; 1880’s. Reinstalled May 30th, 2011 with a new hardware cloth covering to protect the newly restored window. Re-Cemented a large ornate front entry window.


Sisters of St. Joseph, Motherhouse

Watertown, NY

We’ve just recently finshed restoring their 1917 German window depicting ‘The Last Supper’.


Hermon Methodist Church

Hermon, NY

We’ve just finished fully restoring several beautiful H.J. Horwood windows.


Parish United Methodist Church

Parish, NY

We’ve just finished restoring the first of several large American opalescent windows. We added 5 structural T-bars to this double lancet window to break up each 33″ x 130″ single panel. Now this window will last many many generations with a little maintenance.


Boonville First Presbyterian Church

Boonville, NY

We’re in the process of restoring all of the double hung windows in this church.


St Annes Mother Of Mary Church

Mexico, NY

We’ve restored the few beautiful Henry Keck windows in this church needing full restoration, and are currently recementing the rest.


Waddington Methodist Church

Waddington, NY

We’ve fully restored all of the lovely windows by H.J. Horwood circa 1915 / 1920. Project started November 2009 and finished July 2010.


Massena Emanuell Congregational Church

Massena, NY

A fire did huge damage to this historic church. The firemen went THROUGH one of the windows by ‘Horwood’ which we then restored from an old photograph.


St Paul’s Oratory

Pyrites, NY

This Beautiful Stone Church was vandalized in 2008, leaving a number of its original H.J. Horwood windows partially destroyed. These windows had to have entire sections rebuilt/recreated from pictures.


Reformed Church of Alexandria Bay

Alexandria Bay, NY

We’re in the process of restoring all the lovely opalescent windows in this historic church.


Boonville Baptist Church

Boonville, NY

Restoration of all the opalescent windows in this historic church. We’ve integrated structural T- Bars to insure they will last for many generations to come.


Forest Presbyterian Church

Lyons Falls, NY

We’re in the process of restoring to their original condition all the European windows in this 19th Century church. This includes much redesigning because of a previous “remodeling” in the 1950s which replaced all the original background grissaille with a “modern” look.


Trinity Episcopal Church

Boonville, NY

We’re in the process of restoring all the European Grissaille windows in this 19th Century church. These windows have seen their share of past poor repairs by unqualified hacks. With hundreds of hours painting and firing proper replacement pieces, these windows will be back to their original grandeul.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Canton, NY

This project consists of complete restoration of all the windows in the Sanctuary of this 19th century stone church. The windows measure 16 ft. tall.


Hammond Presbyterian Church

Hammond, NY

This project involved 12 windows. The first Three, which can be seen in our image gallery, where completely releaded. The other 9 windows had the vent sections releaded and the rest of the window re-cemented with traditional weatherproofing cement.


Mexico United Methodist Church

Mexico, NY

We removed the exterior coverings and Re-Cemented 14 European windows, circa 1860. – Replaced broken Lamb and Crown Icons in 2 windows (HF acid etched flashed glass, vitreous painted, & silver stained). Project completed November 2006.


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Oswego, NY

14ft indow built in 1959 by Pike Studio, Rochester, NY & designed by Fritz Beeger. It’d typical work of the 1950’s by this studio. This needed complete restoration because of this studios’ use of improper (glazing-compound-based) weatherproofing cement and plate glass coverings without proper venting.


Alexandria Bay United Methodist Church

Alexandria Bay, NY

Complete restoration of 12 windows that were installed in 1907 by The Utica Stained Glass Co., Utica, NY (documented). One of the most outstanding windows however, was designed and built in the Gothic style by H. J. Horwood of Ogdensburg, NY in 1928 (signed and dated).


Meridian Baptist Church

Meridian, NY

Restored 4 American opalescent windows – circa 1900 -artist unknown.


Millens Bay Union Church

Millens Bay, NY

Restored 3 windows -American opalescent & cathedral glass -circa: 1910 artist unknown.


Aurora United Ministries

Aurora, NY

Three windows, fully restored and reinstalled 11-30-05, required nearly 70% of this elaborately painted Grisaille replaced, has a very unique construction. Built in 1861 by a Charles J. Thurston (documented), they are constructed with a unique handmade tubular steel and zinc superstructure and all the glass is simply held in place with glazing compound.


Waterloo United Methodist Church

Waterloo, NY

(Walt Snyder)

Restoration of 11 windows. 175 sq. ft. American opalescent glass, circa 1883. Restored July through December 2005. Structural T-Bars added to larger windows to correct design flaws of unknown studio.. Project published Finger Lakes Times 7-13-05


St. Mary Star of The Sea Church

Mexico, NY

(Father John)

Restoration of circular opalescent window, plated to 3 layers, circa 1900. This lovely window was mistakenly attributed to Henry Keck Studios in the book published by Syracuse Univ. Press, 1984; but this window predates the

Keck Studios. Artist Unknown ; completed July 2005

This beautiful window is also shown on the front pages of our website.


St’s Peter & John Episcopal Church

Auburn, NY

(Father Douglas Taylor-Weiss)

Restore bell-tower windows, very early American Grissaille ; June 2005.


First Baptist Church of Geneva

134 N. Main St.

Geneva, NY

Restoration of 6 stained glass windows, American opalescent, circa: 1895 Project Published Finger Lakes Times Jan. 28, 2005 –front page


Episcopal Church of St Lawrence

Alexandria Bay, NY

Restoration of 2 American Opalescent windows (as pictured on Image Gallery), circa; 1895 -1900; Completed April ’05 (Alex Bay).


First Congregational Church of Christ

First St. & Broadway

Fulton, NY

One window (circa: 1890) completed to date as part of a long term contract to restore the entire church, one-window per year.


St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception

Fulton, NY

Father Stephen Wirkes


This rare stained glass treasure measures nearly 7 ft. wide x 12 ft.tall and hasn’t been seen since 1951 when a wall was built covering Our Holy Mothers’ image from interior view.


Tyre United Methodist Church

Tyre, NY

This project was a complete restoration and included the replacement of 40 vitreous painted floral border pieces and a replacement dedication plaque, and full reLead. These lovely stained glass windows with tracery were constructed in the 1930’s after a fire destroyed the original European stained glass. The center window measures over 12 ft. in length.

The project was finished in Spring, 2004.


St. Ann’s Church

Owasco, NY

Restore 3 European graissaile (stenciled) windows, circa: 1870.

Restoration project completed March, 2004.


Rose Methodist Church

Rose, NY

Long term project to restore West facing opalescent victorian windows.

First window (36″ x 132″) completed / reinstalled April 1, 2004


St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

W. Second St.

Oswego, NY

Repair vent section damaged in ice storm, 2003.


Mount Pleasant Methodist

Fulton, NY

Mr. Ed Proto

8 year project for complete restoration of all the stained glass windows.

Project started Spring 2003


Christ Episcopal Church

Jordan, NY

2 year project for complete restoration of a few early Aisle windows and the Altar windows (Munich grissaile 1865).

Project started May, 2003


Calvary Presbyterian Church

Auburn, NY

Rev. Thomas Drake

Complete restoration of the Altar window, 38 sq. ft. American art glass.

Project completed July, 2003


First Presbyterian Church

Weedsport, NY

Complete restoration of two sections Henry Keck windows, circa 1922, 1953.

Project completed July 2003


The Spitz Building (Historic Landmark)

530 Oak St.

Syracuse, N.Y. (open to the public)

(Attributed to) Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co. window, circa: 1899, 38″ x 115″, Complete restoration, plated to 3 layers (Oct. 2001 to Sept. 2002)


St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception

Buffalo St.

Fulton, N.Y. (Father Carlo)

Repair 4 windows for St. Mary chapel, circa: 1900, completed Sept. 2002


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Rochester, N.Y.

(Signed) Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co. window, 1897

Vent sections, complete restoration as a subcontractor: Pike Studios, 2002


St. Felix Roman Catholic Church

Clifton Springs, N.Y.

20 stained glass windows, circa: 1900. Complete restoration 2000 and 2001

Aisle windows w/tracery, restored as a subcontractor: Pike Studios


Penn Yann United Methodist Church

Penn Yann, N.Y.

2 stained glass windows, circa: 1905, unsigned , each 57″ x 168″

Probably Tiffany Studios, plated to 5 layers, completed Aug. 2000

Aisle windows/Complete restoration as a subcontractor: Pike Studios


Plus many more…